APM Clients and Projects



TNG Limited Mount Peake V Ti Fe and Darwin Processing Facility



Darwin Processing Facility – Updates coming soon on this exciting new project. One of the largest, if not the largest project currently proposed for the Northern Territory. 


Latest News: The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (“NT EPA”) has advised the Company that a Supplement to the EIS will be required as part of the next stage of the Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) process. 


Mount Peake – APM took the lead on the environmental assessment process for the Mount Peake mine in 2017.  When given the green light to move forward by the NT EPA, APM turned its attention from Mount Peake to Darwin Processing Facility. 


TNG is an Australian resources company progressing towards development of its 100% owned world-class Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron Project in the Northern Territory, Australia.

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Blackham Resources Matilda Gold Project



Blackham are the darlings of the gold mining fraternity and the mining media at the moment, with a constant flow of good news emerging from their exhaustive drilling program at Matilda. APM have been the primary consultants responsible for bringing the existing mines out of Care and Maintenance and gaining approval to mine at other brown fields and green fields sites.





Koolan Island Iron Ore Project


Following the collapse of the sea wall in November 2014, and due to the plummeting iron ore price, Koolan Island moved into Care and Maintenance in February, 2016. APM has been working closely with MGI to ensure that the mine meets and exceeds its monitoring and rehabilitation commitments. Dr Mitchell Ladyman has also been engaged to develop a PhD proposal to investigate the ecology of the Northern Quoll and supervise the grant recipient for the life of the project.





Aeon Metals Walford Creek Project



Located in the very north west of Qld, about as far from APM’s home town of Perth, the Walford Creek project sits in Gulf Plains just north of the Lawn Hill National Park. APM has now undertaken several biological surveys of the project area, building the data set to support the EPS that will commence in the latter part of 2016.





2011 to Present – Minjar Gold Limited: Minjar Gold Mine



The Minjar Gold Project is located 400km northeast of Perth. The project tenements cover a massive 1400m2, within which a number of historical pits occur and a greater number of new targets have been identified. APM has been integral in assisting Minjar Gold to bring the site out of Care and Maintenance and into operation. In addition, we have undertaken numerous biological surveys, prepared and submitted EPA, EPBC referrals and a number of Mining Proposals enabling the project to expand and evolve.



2010 to Present – Mine Services and Construction: Turner River and Yule River Sands Project



Mine Services and Construction are a specialist sand miner, operating from several sites in the Pilbara to provide sand for the concrete manufacturing and large infrastructure and construction projects. APM has undertaken systematic biological surveys and environmental approvals for each of the operational sites.



2011 to 2015 – Sorby Management Proprietary Limited: Sorby Hills Silver Lead Zinc Project



Sorby Management Proprietary Limited (SMPL) proposed to develop a new Silver, Lead and Zinc mine at the Sorby Hills deposit in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. On behalf of the Client, APM referred the project to the EPA and SEWPAC in 2011. SEWPAC determined the project ‘Not a Controlled Action’ in 2012. APM completed and submitted the Public Environmental Review (PER) in 2012 which was subsequently approved by the EPA in 2013 and signed off by the Minister for Environment in 2014. The PER did not receive any public comments during its allocated four week review period.


2009 to 2015 – Kimberley Metals Group: Ridges Iron Ore Mine and Wyndham Port Barge Loading Facility



APM has been an integral part of the development of the Kimberley Region’s first iron ore mine with personnel on the ground conducting biological surveys and managing environmental impacts from the earliest stages of the project’s inception. APM executed all of the environmental approvals for the project and, five years on, continues to manage site environmental issues on a day-to-day basis. Our work has also covered the biological survey requirements and environmental approvals for the barge loading facility, developed from the ground up, at Wyndham Port. We are currently working toward the environmental approval of a new satellite project.


2013 to 2014 – Kimberley Agricultural Investments: Ord Stage 3


APM has undertaken all of the biological survey work and referral document preparation for the proposed Knox Creek Plain development, otherwise known as Ord Stage 3. Dr Ladyman was also a key advisor in the negotiation phase of the contract to allocate the leases for the land to Kimberley Agricultural Investments.


2012 – Kimberley Rare Earth: Cummins Range Rare Earth Project


Located on the northern fringe of the Great Sandy Desert and the southern extent of the eastern Kimberley, APM embarked on a remote camp based biological survey of the Cummins Range deposit where Kimberley Rare Earth were targeting resources for the Rare Earth market.


2012 – Iron Resources Ltd: Tapeta Iron Ore Project – Liberia


APM created the exploration Environmental Management Program for the Tapeta Iron Ore Project in Liberia, West Africa. The project has now progressed to the next phase of exploration.


2012 – Macquarie Investments: Amex Iron Sands Project Due Diligence – Fiji 


APM completed the Due Diligence on behalf of Macquarie Bank for a $50 million investment into the development of an Iron Sands Project in Fiji. The project is now under construction.


2010 – Ord River Irrigation Area Weaber Plain Development Project


APM designed and executed all of the biological survey work to satisfy the requirements of SEWPaC for fauna species listed as Matters of National Environmental Significance under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999).


2009 – Ord River Irrigation Area Packsaddle/West Bank/ Mantinea Development Project


APM designed and executed three separate comprehensive fauna surveys for the three project areas over two months in 2009. The outcomes of the surveys will be assessed by Landcorp and DRDL and used to determine the extent and direction of future development of the latter stages of the Ord River Irrigation expansion.