Flora Experts




Eleanor Hoy – Senior Botanist /  Manager Biological Science

PhD Plant Biology/Ecophysiology

Honours (1st class) Environmental Management and Ecology

Bachelor of Science Environmental Science and Conservation of Australian Wildlife Biology


Eleanor has undertaken many botanical surveys in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales for various APM clients over six years. Additionally, Eleanor is a resilient field biologist, accustomed to working under harsh conditions, and is dedicated to communicating the findings of her field work in the most appropriate manner.


Eleanor has experience utilising a range of environmental sampling techniques for flora and vegetation for the purposes of vegetation mapping, condition assessment, impact assessment and rehabilitation planning and monitoring. She has considerable experience in the measurement of plant physiological traits relative to plant water use and detailed knowledge of soil sampling and analysis of soil physical properties. Eleanor has considerable skills in statistical design and analysis using both metric and non-metric techniques.