Flora Experts



James Tsakalos – Senior Botanist


James is APM’s new Senior Botanist. After impressing the team as a volunteer in 2012, APM Directors have kept a close eye on James’ progress through undergraduate and post graduate studies.


With a Bachelor of Science in Conservation & Wildlife biology from ECU serving as firm foundation he went on build his knowledge and network at UWA where he completed an honours degree which focused on analysing the particulars of the ‘black box’ of multivariate techniques used for vegetation classification in Western Australia. Vegetation classification is one of the most valuable skills a consultant biologist can possess.


James excels in the understanding of processes of plant community assembly within the enigmatic kwongan vegetation of Western Australia, having focused on exploring the role of functional traits within this process.






Sarah Flemington –Graduate Biologist


Bachelor of Science


Sarah is a recent graduate of Edith Cowan University WA where she studied a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Major in Conservation and Wildlife Biology, with a minor in Environmental Management.


Sarah has a strong focus on the integration of environment, habitat and species conservation into the mining landscape, specifically where it relates to current issues of sustainability, disturbance, climate change and the conservation of intrinsic species.


Not specifically focused on fauna, Sarah has a much broader interest in all aspects of the terrestrial environment and has, since August 2016, undertaken two surveys in Ravensthorpe (one targetted flora and one targetted fauna), a fauna translocation program for Roe 8 and two botanical surveys in the mid-west on the Minjar Gold Project.