Fauna Experts



Dr Mitch Ladyman – Principal Biologist

Doctor of Philosophy (Distinction) (Ecophysiology, Geography, Zoology)


In addition to owning and directing APM, Mitchell continues to maintain an active and integrated presence in the field as a field survey ecologist, driven by the innate philosophy that one needs to actually participate in ecological surveys to fully appreciate the findings. A better understanding then facilitates better environmental management and impact mitigation.


Dr Ladyman has worked in the field of Environmental Consulting for more than 25 years progressing from Technical / Research Assistant to Managing Director. He has been Manager of Biological Science for Ecologia Environment and ENV Australia, and Managing Director of Validus Group Pty Ltd. He now owns and directs APM.


As a consultant biologist, Mitchell has worked in every bioregion in Western Australia, with the majority of projects undertaken in the goldfields, Kimberley and Pilbara. His project portfolio also extends to biological surveys and environmental assessments in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Fiji.


With an intrinsic understanding of biological process as it relates to land development, Mitchell is able to offer a unique approach to environmental assessment. Novel ideas, well considered strategies and an ability to confidently and competently engage with key stakeholders and regulators has resulted in numerous State and Federal referred projects being granted approval with minimal formal assessment. Where projects are more formally assessed these same attributes contribute significantly to the efficiency with which projects progress.


Mitchell has an acute understanding of the ecological and physiological perturbations that individuals and populations of flora and fauna must overcome to persist in the natural environment. This gives Mitchell a unique insight into the impacts of anthropological influence on natural populations, providing stronger fundament to APM’s management plans and practices.



Dr Genevieve Hayes – Senior Zoologist

PhD (Animal Ecology)

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Wildlife Management

Genevieve is an experienced field ecologist, having spent more than 10 years conducting and volunteering for field-based research in Australia. Genevieve’s honours and doctoral research (The University of Western Australia) focused on the invasive mammals of Christmas Island, and the ecology and evolution of the kaluta (Dasykaluta rosamondae) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, respectively.


Since joining APM in late 2018, Genevieve has led field trips in the Pilbara and Darwin. These field trips were designed to inform biological assessments of sites. Stemming from her passion for writing, Genevieve also plays a key role in the editing and quality assurance of reports produced by APM.