APM has developed many environmental approval documents for clients throughout the Kimberley, Pilbara and Mid-west. The resource targets have been highly variable, from construction sands and iron ore to lead and vanadium. Each project APM has completed differed in complexity and structure.


We encourage all of our clients to refer their projects to the Environmental Protection Authority under Section 38 of the Environmental Protection Act (1986). Project levels of assessment set for APM managed referrals have ranged from Not Assessed to Public Environmental Review (PER); intuitive given the complexity of our client’s resource targets.


Solid and strategic biological surveys underpin all of our environmental impact assessments and, in many cases, this has led to State and Federally referred projects not requiring formal assessment, despite their triggering the referral process. This is a consequence of Regulators receiving high quality referred information sufficient for them to make informed decisions on APM managed proposals. Such an outcome can save our clients a significant amount of time and money in the approvals process and can sometimes ultimately determine project viability.